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Solicitors With A Heart

2017 is in full swing, and we’re rapidly approaching the first working Monday of the new year. Many of us might not see this day as any different from the others we have gone through in 2017, but it’s significant for one very saddening reason. Dubbed “Divorce Day”, the first working Monday of every January has shown a disturbing trend with divorce applications spiking year after year. There are a number of solicitors in North Wales that will likely get very busy around Divorce Day and your experience may vary. Reputable firms such as Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales treat the matter in a very sensitive fashion, with every solicitor within their Family Department being members of Resolution, and also Resolution Accredited Specialist Solicitors. In addition, every solicitor within their Family Department are experienced enough to provide a quality service which will preserve dignity, and encourage agreement. Costs of course, are worrying f