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Sunday Lunches in Llandudno with no effort spared

When you’re looking at going out for a Sunday Lunch in Llandudno , you might feel that a coastal hotel is not a very good option. Hotels, for all of their imposing grandeur along the North Wales coastline, do indeed have a reputation for being more focused toward visitors than locals, full of happy seasiders which are quite loudly enjoying their holidays. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with happy seasiders enjoying their holidays, but many hotels in Llandudno can become known only for that aspect of the business and not for their food – which we think is quite a shame as many hotels in Llandudno and beyond have some of the very best restaurants in Llandudno as well. The off season can provide an excellent experience for locals to Llandudno or indeed the North Wales region which are looking for a special lunch with no effort spared in preparation or presentation. Sunday Lunch in Llandudno is a rather popular pastime for very many people. The popularity is quite unders

Bargain Garden Furniture

Christmas is over, and that means that there’s only a few months left until spring. Lots of us are starting to look a little whimsically out of our windows in the thought that doing so will bring on the idea of spring a little sooner, and we’re also looking at what’s out there in order to get some ideas for the oncoming garden party season. There’s an excellent provider of high quality greenhouse staging in the UK which does fantastic garden furniture as well – with a series of offerings which we’re sure you won’t find anywhere else. It’s really no fun going to a friend’s barbecue or gathering and finding that they have the exact same set that you do – and you can often feel that there’s far more value in something which you know is unique and a talking point - unlike a flat pack garden set from any of the larger garden supply centres. Saying that, it’s still wince-worthy when you see the prices of bespoke garden furniture. There is a way to get unique garden furniture whic

Living in Rhos on Sea

Rhos on Sea is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live in North Wales. This town is very well known for its row of seafront properties (the most recent of which is Brenig Homes’ Gwynt y Mor – new build apartments for sale in Rhos on Sea which are a hop, skip and a jump away from the seafront.) This quiet little bay is not the first place you’d think of when you imagine the North Wales coastline, but this little town boasts peace, quiet, and an air of exclusivity compared to nearby Llandudno and Colwyn Bay. There’s nothing wrong with either town of course – but Rhos is a lovely little place that is right next to the sea and just between both of these popular towns. This means that the seaside town has close proximity to the tourist trap of Llandudno without being in the thick of it- allowing property owners peace and quiet on a year-around basis as well as the same stunning views which make people flock to Llandudno every single year. Of course, that’s