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Signs You Need a New Kitchen

It’s happened to all of us. There are so many indications that your kitchen is not exactly fit for purpose any more, but whether your original thought was “when it breaks, I’ll replace it” or even if the prices of a kitchen makes your eyes water, it can be rather tempting to think that your kitchen’s okay…ish.  We’ve sought the advice of the talented designers behind Greentree Kitchens – an excellent provider of kitchens Bangor as well as many other areas in North Wales, and used what we’ve learned to assemble a small list of ways that you know that your kitchen is not up to standard and desperately, desperately needs a sledgehammer. Nothing says “awful” better than the fact that you’re starting to sneer at chopping boards. The first time you get a worktop, you’re so careful around it – polishing it just the right away, ensuring that there’s not even the faintest scratch on it. You may even remember the first time you actually scratched the thing – the amount of anguish and disap

The Benefits of Getting your MOT in Conwy County

MOTs are unfortunately something which each and every driver has to go through, While of course it’s understandable that a car must be checked in order to ascertain if there are any issues which might affect its road worthiness (after all, doing any harm to ourselves or other people is something which shouldn’t be entertained) it can’t be helped and we can’t be considered childish for being honest – getting an MOT is boring! There are some MOT Conwy centres which just so happen to be placed in locations which are packed full of things to do. If anything, you’ll likely come back to your MOT Centre a little late from some of the places in North Wales! Conwy County has an absolute gem of a town called Llandudno, which just so happens to be called the Queen of Welsh Resorts. 1 – A Nice Walk Down the Beach An old one, but such a good one. Llandudno is blessed with an immaculately clean beach, as well as a charming promenade walk which is absolutely perfect on a sunny day. The promenade

Seafront Hotels in Llandudno with Incredible Locations

There are very many seafront hotels in Llandudno , and there is a lot of feeling of what exactly makes a hotel rise head and shoulders above all of its competitors to be crowned the very best within a town or a destination. Is it high quality stays which determine whether one hotel is better than the other? Is it wonderful attention to detail, excellent food, or is it stellar service which determines whether or not your stay at said hotel is considered fab or drab? Or is it something else entirely? The pretty coastal resort of Llandudno is somewhere where a lot of hotels go head to head every year in order to retain the most guests, as well as providing the best experience possible. It’s competitive to say the least, and the 50+ hotels in Llandudno are going from strength to strength and increasing their standards year upon year in order to come out on top. Location can be a very important factor when you look for a hotel. Having a advantageous spot is one of the things con

Get to grips with GDPR

Swayne Johnson Solicitors in North Wales can help you and your business get to grips with the oncoming GDPR legislation. Swayne Johnson’s data protection specialist solicitors are holding an array of completely free workshops in the North Wales area. It is the intention of these workshops to provide free advice which will enable business owners and key employees to face the oncoming European directive without feeling like you want to bury your head in the sand at the thought of it. Very many businesses across North Wales and beyond feel intimidated by the oncoming GDPR regulations, and it’s never been more important for business owners, managers and HR to learn what exactly is required from businesses, and what isn’t required. We notice that there are two ways of which businesses are looking at GDPR- either to ignore it altogether or make adjustments here, there and everywhere in a blind (and completely unhelpful) panic. Swayne Johnson Solicitors’ GDPR Free Workshops can allow you t