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Gwynt y Mor New Build Apartments in Rhos On Sea - One Remaining!

We are delighted to announce that there are still some fantastic new build apartments for sale in Rhos on Sea left! Newcomer home builder Brenig Homes debuted into the North Wales luxury housing market with the fantastic Gwynt y Mor apartments for sale in Rhos on Sea, and despite them being very popular, there is still one or two left.

For a newcomer like Brenig Homes to make such an impact on the luxury developments side of property in North Wales, it is a fantastic thing. The area has quite a few well-known property developers about and around, and we’re really enjoying seeing North Wales reimagined by fresh eyes, and fresh minds. Gwynt y Mor is something very special, as well. We have a feeling that Brenig Homes knew that they would have to debut with a bang – and these beautiful apartments in Rhos on Sea are very desirable, every inch as impressive as the pre-existing luxury properties on the Rhos on Sea Seafront, but much newer.

The new build apartments for sale at Gwynt y Mor have it all. Modern, spacious, and luxurious open plan lounges which boast a balcony which affords fantastic sea views, whatever the time of day or night. Nothing interrupts the views at Gwynt y Mor. The views are a beautiful expanse of endless blue, with the peaceful and very clean Rhos on Sea seafront right there.

The new build apartments at Gwynt y Mor are just as lovely, too. Large and very well designed, the apartments boast open plan living done in the very best of ways, with dining rooms which allow plenty of light, as well as a brand-new fitted kitchen which includes granite kitchen worktops. Care and attention has been lavished on these apartments in Rhos on Sea, and we can’t recommend acting quickly enough. Only a few remain, and we’re so sure that these properties can provide the perfect home.


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